Alcott Mills -- is working on her responsibilities in Follow the Sun
Gona -- Notable Polls are live!
Delta Hale -- is hoping to learn how to cook in - pass a good time
Kilo Thanos -- is back in action in -The Day The Doors Opened
Porthos -- is just a sweet summer child in A tiny place in this world
Whiskey Van Rensselaer -- is in a wicked bad mood in The Day the Doors Opened: 1a
Raven Reyes -- is intrigued in carry on
Viktor -- Conversations With Death is finally done. 2+ years later
Echo -- is not completely bitchy in a tiny place in this world
Raven Reyes -- is curious in all that remains
Octavia Blake -- isn't dealing well in The Demons Won't Sleep
Byron Moore -- can hide the nerves in The Day the Doors Opened
John Murphy -- When the Crows Show Up ((END))
Alcott Mills -- is chatting on the job Follow the Sun
Abigail Griffin -- ia spending quality time with Marcus in Settle Down