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 Aksel kom Ouskejon Kru
 Posted: Jan 11 2018, 03:30 PM

player: theo
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"Things we lost to the flames
Things we'll never see again
All that we have amassed
Sits before us, shattered into ash"

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birth name :: Aksel kom Ouskejon Kru
alias :: Axel, Nontu
age :: 40
calling :: Ouskejon Kru
sexuality :: Pansexual
status :: Widowed
occupation :: Warrior, Ambassador of the Blue Cliff Clan
origins :: Original character

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eyes :: Dark brown
hair :: Dark brown
height :: 6'0"
build :: Athletic, muscular
distinguishing marks :: Multiple battle scars, coalition brand on his forearm
play-by :: Sharlto Copley

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      - - - - [aksel] likes
      • his family
      • his clan
      • battle
      • training yongons
      • swimming
      - - - - [aksel] dislikes
      • unrest among his people
      • losing in battle
      • medicine
      • weakness
      • azgeda
      - - - - strengths
      • combat: like all grounders, he was trained to fight from birth. he's a strong and capable warrior, having proven himself time and time again on the battlefield, and he has the scars to prove it.
      • endurance: he doesn't go down easily, fighting through pain and pushing past any weakness. it's this strength that kept him pushing forward through withdrawal from the cerberus drug and afterwards.
      • confidence: he knows his capabilities and is very in tune with his strengths and weaknesses. he is confident in himself and his abilities and it makes him unwavering as an ambassador and on the battlefield.
      - - - - weaknesses
      • tunnel vision: when he's in the midst of battle, he has a single-minded goal, and frequently gets caught up in the bloodshed. he sometimes lets himself get lost to violence, especially now after his time as a reaper.
      • his family: he is steadfastly loyal and will protect his family to the end. his sister and his children are the most important people in the world to him and he will do anything to keep them safe.
      • cerberus program: his time as a reaper has left him somewhat unhinged. he's struggling to regain control of his life, his body, and his mind altogether, which makes him more vulnerable than he was previously.
      - - - - secret
      • Since the cerberus drug worked it's way out of his system, he has suffered from nightmares of his time as a reaper.
      - - - - dreams
      • to see one of his people become heda
      • to bring peace to his people
      - - - - fears
      • failing the people he loves
      • becoming a reaper again
      - - - - things of note
      • carries two braids with him, one belonging to his late wife and the other his late daughter
      • if he is attacked or threatened he will retaliate without much thought
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As first born to the King of the Blue Cliffs clan, Aksel's life was always lived for his people. He was taught from a young age that his clan was more important that himself and that one day he would take his father's place as King. It was an idea that Aksel never truly warmed up to. He lived to serve his people, doing all that he could as a warrior and as a peacemaker. He learned strategy and diplomacy from his father as he grew up and was a quick study. He also trained with his father, taking to combat just as well as he did to the studies of the mind.

When his younger sister was born, Aksel's life changed. She was the apple of his father's eye and suddenly he was tasked with keeping his sister safe. He helped teach her alongside his father and kept an eye on her when their father was busy. They grew close as they got older and she became his best friend. She always had a quicker temper than him and his calmer demeanor balanced her out. He had to hold her back more than once over the years but quickly learned how to temper her anger if needs be. His sister has been and always will be his most trusted ally in battle and otherwise.

Aksel's marriage to Lilja was arranged by his father but he had met her at a younger age and wasn't entirely unfamiliar with the woman who was to be his wife. They were not in love but that was of little importance. They had a duty to their people and they married. It was shortly after the birth of their first child, Kol, that Aksel truly began to feel for Lilja. They had fought battles side by side and he found himself falling for the strong yet kind woman he had married. It was after the birth of their second child, Isobel, that they shared their sentiments with each other for the first time and afterwards they became a force to be reckoned with. On the battlefield they were completely in sync, extensions of one another but that was something that eventually became a weakness for them. Lilja was killed in battle a few years after the birth of their third child, Eren. Aksel's leg was wounded in the midst of fighting and Lilja dragged him out of the thick of it, which cost her. She was pinned down by the enemy and, after killing them, bled out by his side.

After Lilja's death, Aksel focused his attentions on his children, spending time with them and training them. He began helping to train more yongons as well and started consulting his father while his leg healed. By the time he was battle ready again, he had settled in to his new roles and continued with them, becoming an official advisor to the king. He found great joy in training yongons and seeing them grow as warriors. As his own children grew old enough to go out in battle, his daughter became seconds to two fierce warriors in his village and his son became his own second. It was a few years ago that Isobel's fight ended in battle. He was not with her when it happened but she survived to the end of the fighting. She died slowly but at home in her village surrounded by her people. The loss was staggering, but Aksel found a way to move forward for his other children and for the sake of his family and clan.

When his nephew was sent to Polis to join the other naitblida training for the conclave, Aksel joined Etienne and Bastian in their journey, serving yet again as an advisor as well as a guard. However, he never made it to Polis. On their way, they were attacked by Reapers and Aksel drew them off, giving his brother-in-law and nephew a chance to escape. In the end, he was overwhelmed by the Reapers and taken into the tunnels to be given to the Mountain Men. Chosen for the Cerberus program, Aksel was turned into a Reaper himself. He lost himself in the drug, operating purely on instinct and at the mercy of the Mountain Men. It was some time before he was captured by Trikru and kept restrained while the drug worked it's way out of his system, Skaikru assisting in getting their people back.

He returned home to find his father, brother-in-law, and nephew all dead, and his sister on the throne. Aksel has been struggling through his recovery, taking the newly empty role of ambassador. He bears no ill will at not having the title of King. In fact, he prefers it. He has full belief in his sister and swore his undying loyalty to her. He's familiar with the politics involved in the role of ambassador and after all of the chaos following Leksa's death, Aksel knows how important finding a way back to peace between the twelve thirteen clans has become.

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r.o.l.e.p.l.a.y. s.a.m.p.l.e.

Home felt foreign. It should have been a comfort to return to his family, to see his children again, but the time that had passed was still a fog in his mind. He remembered it but those memories were distant, like a vivid nightmare he could never push from from his head. The memories were in pieces, like shattered glass and the sharp edges of the shards would dig into him whenever inconvenient. He remembered pain like he'd never felt, as though there was fire under his skin and in his belly, but then bliss. Bliss that he never wanted to go without, bliss that he was willing to fight and kill to return to. And he had. He had killed. He had kidnapped and traded for the drug. He had eaten, and that was perhaps the worst of it. Sometimes he could still taste it in his mouth.

Physically he was fine. Once he'd recovered from the drug leaving his system, Aksel had built back up his strength and worked through some training to ensure he wasn't slipping. And he wasn't. But it was his mind that was not yet healed. Those memories haunted him at night and sometimes during the day. He found his hands trembling and caught glimpses of dark figures out of the corners of his eyes. And he kept silent. Because he was the ambassador of his people now and he could not have his sanity questioned. He, like his sister, had a duty to his people. Their people. There was much work to be done, enough that he could focus his mind on the task ahead in order to block out the rest.

Polis had been on it's way to recovery when he'd left. The bodies had been cleared from the streets and burned so their spirits could be released. The city was not what it once was but it was a start and if Aksel had anything to do with it, he would see Polis back to it's former state. But at the moment his focus needed to be on his people at home and his sister, his sister who he knew better than anyone and who he knew was suffering after the loss of both her husband and her son.

Aksel looked up when the door opened and stood from where he had been waiting. He gave a slight nod to the delegate that left in acknowledgement and knocked before entering himself. "Haiplana." That was still something he was growing accustomed to. Much had changed in his absence but seeing his sister sit where their father once had did fill him with pride. She would be a good queen, he had no doubt of that. The door closed behind him and he approached her with a slight, tight-lipped smile. It was about all he could manage at the moment, fists clenched behind his back as he tried to stop their trembling. "You asked to see me?" Whether for political matters or personal matters, he was uncertain but he would address her accordingly regardless.

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puppeteer :: theo
age :: 23
contact :: pm for discord
how did you find us :: you guys ;)
 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 05:21 PM

Coding Admin
player: Jax
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